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Custom Logo Design: FAQ

Have questions about our custom logo design services? Check out our FAQ section to find answers to common questions people frequently have. You can always contact us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for. We are available via phone or email anytime!

Q: How long will it take to finish my logo project?

Every logo design is different, but the typical semi-custom logo takes about 10 days to complete. The typical 100% custom logo takes about 3 to 5 weeks to complete.

Of course your logo design project could easily be completed sooner or take even longer depending on the complexity of your logo and number of design revisions you require. Additionally, how quickly you respond to requests, and approve each step of your new logo design project will factor into the amount of time it will take to complete.

Q: How many different logo ideas and concepts will I receive?

For both our semi-custom and 100% custom logo design services you will receive several different ideas and concepts paired with different colors, fonts, layout, etc. These will be based on our conversations, industry and any special requests you made. Do not worry; you will have a lot to choose from.

Q: What is the difference between a 100% custom and a semi-custom logo?

Both of our logo design packages are similar, but with a few important differences. With both types of logos you will receive a high-quality logo in a variety of different file formats that can be used on your web site, business cards, signs, flyers, etc.

The major difference is that with the semi-custom logos we start with a predesigned frameworks that we then customize to fit your exact needs, while the 100% custom web sites are made from scratch specifically for you (from the ground up). It is the difference between buying a print of an existing painting and commissioning an artist to paint you something specific and new.

For information about our semi-custom logo services, click here. For our 100% custom designed logo design services, click here.

Q: I like my current logo but the files I have are too small or they are in the wrong format; can The Rusty Pixel vectorize my current logo for me?

Do you have your logo in a format that is unusable, such as on an old flyer or tiny jpeg file? If so, we offer high quality logo vectorization services and includes everything you need. The cost varies depending on the complexity of your logo.

For more information about our custom logo vectorization services, click here.

Q: What is logo "vectorization"?

Logo vectorization describes the process of converting an existing raster logo into a vector format. A vector format is the standard and correct format for all logos to be designed in.

Q: What file formats are vector?

The AI and EPS versions are the two most common vector formats used by designers and will be included with your finalized logo. We will also include a PDF file which is also a vector format.

Q: What will I receive with my new logo design once it is completed?

You will receive one (1) complete and finalized logo in a multi format delivery (ai, psd, png, jpeg, eps, pdf, etc). You will also receive a list of the main colors (in hexadecimal format) and all font files used in the design. In addition to the large versions of your logo, we will also supply you with smaller versions in a common file formats (which will be easier for you to work with).

You will receive several vector formats as well (AI, EPS and PDF) which can be scaled infinitely.

Your finalized logo will be sent to you electronically in a compressed zip folder (included). We can also mail it you on a CD or DVD (additional cost).

Q: Where can I used my new logo?

Your new logo can be used anywhere, such as on your web site, business cards, signs, brochures, etc.

Q: I needed my project done like yesterday; do you offer rush jobs?

Yes, we offer rush options for our logo design services for an additional cost (which varies on the type of project and on how quickly you need it completed).

Q: What is logo "finalization"?

Logo finalization describes the process of taking the production version of your logo and making it ready for delivery to you. We will make sure all files have been correctly processed, the individual files created, and important information saved. Once your logo has been finalized and delivered it is complete.

Q: How does creating a brand new logo work?

For detailed step-by-step descriptions and information on how the semi-custom logo design creation process works, click here. For our 100% custom logo design services, click here.

Q: I need multiple versions of my logo; can I have more then one version?

Yes, you can have as many different different versions or variations of your new logo as you require. However, there will be extra costs for each additional version or variation (just one single complete finalized logo is included). Additional versions or variations of your logo can either be finalized together (merged) or separately (more files).

Additional versions or variations of a logo are normally not needed. The most common use is a simplified 2-tone version of the logo used for certain types of printing.

Q: Where can I get information about your policies and other important details about your logo design services?

Click here for important information and details to consider for our logo design services.

Q: Am I going to have to deal with someone in India or China that does not speak English very well?

No, you will only deal with The Rusty Pixel staff. We are American owned and operated and all work is done right here in the United States.

Q: Can you redesign my old logo?

Yes, of course we can.

With our custom logo redesign services we can update, modernize and freshen up your current company's branding while keeping the spirit of your original logo (just update the look and feel). Want something complete different? No problem, we can redesign your logo from the ground up with a completely new look and feel.

Click here for more information about our custom logo redesign services.

Q: What do you need to get started on my new logo?

To get started, all we need to know is what type of logo project you will need (semi-custom or 100% custom logo) and if you have any specifications we should be aware of.

There are some optional things you can send us if you would like. While not required it can help point us in the right direction of what you would like your logo to look like. For example; are there any other specific colors or style that you know you would like your new logo designed in? Is there any specific text, elements, slogans, etc that you need us to incorporate into your new logo design? Do you have any examples and links to other logos you like the look of (can be from any industry)?

The above is just to get you thinking about what you will require from your new logo design project - It is certainly not required.

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