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Custom Logo Vectorization

Do you have your logo in a format that is unusable, such as on an old flyer or tiny jpeg file? If so, we can vectorize it for you so it can be used for everything from business cards and flyers to giant billboards.  Our goal is to finish your logo vectorization quickly and professionally.

All Our Logo Vectorizations Include

  • Created as close as possible to your existing logo
  • Design revisions (limited)
  • Full color logo

About Your New Vector Logo

  • The AI and EPS version will be a vector format and will be the original source file for you logo (meaning it can be scaled infinitely)
  • Once your final logo has been finalized, delivered and paid in full for it will be yours solely and exclusively, basically you will own the rights to it and I will not resell it to anyone for any reason
  • Can be used for your web site, business cards, signs, brochures, etc

What You Will Receive

  • One complete and finalized logo
  • Multi format delivery
  • A list of the main colors used in the design (in hexadecimal format)
  • All font files used in the design
  • Both large and small versions of your logo for convenience

What is Logo Vectorization?

Do you know when you zoom in on an image or scale it up, it often becomes blurry and pixelated? That because it is most likely a raster format and built off of a fixed number of pixels. A vector format is different - it is all math. Because of this it can be zoomed in on or scaled up infinitely without any loss of quality (will not become pixelated or blurry). This is why your new logo should be done in a vector format so it can be used for everything from biz cards to billboards.

Additionally, some designers and printers will only accept logos done in a vector format (depending on the printing processes being used).

At The Rusty Pixel, we always create our logos in a vector format and supply you with finalized vector versions when we deliver your brand-new logo to you.

Click here for some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our custom logo vectorization services.

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