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Animation Overview

The Rusty Pixel can create custom animations for your web site. For animated photos and text, image carousels (or image sliders) work the best and have taken the web by storm recently. Flash remains the most powerful, versatile and best for playing videos online.

Animated Image Carousels

Spice up your web site with an eye-catching animated image carousel. These rotating image sliders are a great way to showcase multiple products, information, services, and featured articles without taking up much room at all. Each image carousel can have multiple slides, each with your custom photos, text, and information. Cool animated effects and transitions play as the image carousel switches from one slide to another. By default it will automatically rotate every few seconds but your web site visitors can easily navigate to any slides with customized controls and pagination. These animated image sliders have become hugely popular online and we can add an easy-to-use image carousel to your web site.

Image Carousel Features

  • Automatically rotates from frame to frame (auto-play)
  • Animated effects and transitions between all frames
  • Interactive controls (so users can manually jump from frame to frame)
  • Add your custom images, text, links and even video to each frame
  • JavaScript based and Flash free (so it works on Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad)
  • Carousel setup and configuration
  • Add multiple custom frames
  • Custom designed carousel and controls with CSS styling

Flash Animations & Headers

While not as popular as it was a just a few short years ago; Flash is still the best way to create amazing animations and today is most commonly used to play videos online. At The Rusty Pixel we have been working with Flash since its infancy and can develop you something exciting with custom Flash animations and ActionScripting.

Animated GIFs & Web Banners

Animated GIFs and website banners are great for advertising or doing reciprocal link exchanges.

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We offer a wide range of web site design packages, add ons, and services.

Web Animations Florida | Image Carousels, Flash and Animated GIFs

Spice up your Florida web site with custom designed animations. Our web designers can create image carousels, Flash websites, animated GIF or web banners.

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