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Based in Central Florida, The Rusty Pixel has been creating innovative interactive and static designs for over 10 years. We will work one-on-one with you so your final product will definitively meet if not exceed your expectations.

But don't take our word for it, read our testimonials to see what our clients have been saying about us.

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"Thanks Rusty looks great!! I showed several people including the Sheriff and everybody liked it!"

   » Sheri

"I can’t express how much I appreciate the work you put in over the last few days. I love the new site... Thank you again."

   » Gin

"We are getting a lot of positive feedback on the website. Everyone seems to love it. Kudos to you and the design team!"

   » Mark

"I still love my site and have had many compliments on it. You did a great job, so thanks once again for your hard work."

   » Rosie

"This is so cool, everyone I have talked with LOVES IT!!! The kids will too! Thanks so much ! I hope we get a chance to work together again soon. It has been a wonderful experience for me!"

   » Ellen

"Dude – You Nailed it !!!! – This looks awesome."

   » JB

"Rusty, You are the man. I really appreciate all the work you've done on this site. This web site is supplying about 80% of my business income now, so I'm glad I have you taking care of things for me. Everything looks great."

   » George

"You've done an absolute outstanding job on everything Rusty! Thanks for all your hard work! I couldn't have asked for a better job! You're truly an artist at what you do!"

   » Tim

"Oh yeah!!!!!!! That looks really awesome dude......"

   » Chris

"I think the logo looks really solid, unique, and has the symbolism we want. Great job."

   » Divya


   » Todd


   » BK

"Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing, I appreciate your speedy work!"

   » Jason

"Hi Rusty… Happy Holidays! I hope Tom has been sharing all the positive comments we have been receiving about our website. It has surpassed our expectations and we owe a lot to you….Thank you!"

   » Gene

"Rusty, These are outstanding and what we were going for... Thanks so much for your efforts...we do appreciate the fast response."

   » Victoria

"I've already received so much positive feedback about the look of the site and Corey & I both have been and will continue to tell everyone what amazing work you do."

   » Susanne

"Thanks you so much for all your time, energy and patience! You've been a HUGE blessing!"

   » Amy

"Thank you, thank you, thank you - I love my cart now. You are wonderful!!!"

   » Theresa

"Dude, Your work is impressive."

   » James

"Rusty thanks for getting these to me so quickly. They look great."

   » Terry

"Thank you very much, we have heard great comments on the site!"

   » Brandon

"You are the BEST! I always knew that. I will be in touch. Fantastic Job!"

   » Billy

"Wow! I am pretty much speechless! This is great! I really like and my wife loves it too."

   » Jason

"It is beautiful !!!! You have done an incredible job! Thank you, Thank you!"

   » Jenn

"Hey Rusty, The third one is the one we like. You hit it just right. Thats just what we were looking for."

   » George

"Looks GREAT Rusty! Good work!"

   » Eric

"Rusty, Wow- I like that logo."

   » Josh

"Rusty, I really like what you are doing so far. My favorite part is the header and the way you have done that, it looks really cool!"

   » Sheri

"These are some really creative designs and I love the OPA sign that you've created..."

   » Anurag

"I am diggin the flash! Great idea! Thanx again!"

   » Stefani

"Wow. Your good... Its perrrrfect."

   » Skye

"Thanks Rusty, your great!"

   » Kristine

"This looks great Rusty, I love it. Thank you!"

   » Susanne

"You did such a killer job, everybody I have shown loves it!"

   » Jenn

"You are taking it to the NEXT LEVEL & I love it !!!!!"

   » James

"Thanx - It looks great. Have I told you lately how wonderful you are to work with? Well you are."

   » Theresa

"Now I know you are brilliant!!!! Thank you SO much."

   » Maureen

"Everything looks great - thanks so much."

   » Pamela

"Thanks so much for your help in getting this web site done!"

   » Bob

"Rusty, That looks great!"

   » Justin

"Like the layout a lot!"

   » Jonathan

"Words cannot express the gratitude I have for retrieving my web site from that terrible person ..... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

   » Sue

"Thanks for everything! You're the bomb. :)"

   » Anurag

"Hey, This looks good to me, I like it. GREAT WORK! Size – amazingly small – terrific!"

   » Mack


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